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Buon appetito!

The idea for this book springs from the observation that the Italian language is truly very rich in culinary references. They turn up in proverbs, sayings, songs, in painting, cinema and literature. This is not surprising in that Italy has undoubtedly an unchallenged first for originality and gastronomic variety in a relatively restricted geographical context.
Over and above the recipes to try out, Buon appetito! gives a brief account of the culinary characteristics of each Italian region. It is not, however, a simple matter of a cookery book. The recipes serve as a basis for developing semantic fields and grammatical structures, and the language expressions connected with them.

buon appetito

The book is intended for students of Italian as L2 of all nationalities who have an intermediate knowledge of Italian or for people interested in cooking who need to reinforce their language and vocabulary in this sphere.
Buon appetito! has 20 teaching units, one for each of the Italian regions.

Each unit includes:
• a regional recipe illustrated and accompanied by a suitable wine
• a regional recipe to work on from a language point of view
• a colour illustrated dictionary
• a grammar
• grammar and vocabulary exercises
• a game section
• a section of curiosities

The appendix contains:
• conversion tables for weights, volumes and temperatures
• a table with examples of typical dishes for festivities
• a list of most common basic ingredients
• a summary of the illustrated dictionary presented in the various units
• key for self-correction of exercises and games as well as answers to numerous points raised in the units
• a list of wines presented in the book