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corso_di_italiano_bambiniThis course has been designed with fun and flexible educational material. The approach to the amusement is the basis of this work and is shown in a graphic novel for children aged between 6 and 11 years who makes learning the language in a fun and exciting environment.
In the text we use there is a description of an Italian girl who likes to travel the world and meet new people and places and in this adventure she is accompanied by her cat on a trip to Turkey where she tries to find her favorite pants that she has inexplicably lost.

This is a basic course in Italian for children that combines the fun of reading comics with learning the language. Aimed to this fundamental point, the book has the following characteristics:
1) the graph and drawings speak the language of children and thus ease an active and diligent participation;
2) the vocabulary and new terms are presented in a playful way holding sometimes the history for a moment of reflection over the language and the vocabulary is presented in accordance with the frequency of children daily situations;
3) all language skills (listening, writing, speaking, reading) rise considering the sensory learning styles of children (the visual imagination, manual, auditory).

The book is easy to use for both teacher and child and can be used in the classroom but also at home in free time activities such as children playing and recreation.

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