The three must-visit neighbourhoods of London.


The Three must-visit neighbourhoods of London

Of course, there are far more than three must-visit areas of London. These three brief overviews are aimed at the vibrant youth, eager to explore the entire world without leaving the city. London opens it’s doors to race, cultures and religions from around the world. This lively, colourful mix of cultures is what makes the city so unique.

SHOREDITCH – East London

Shoreditch was once associated with poor slums and high crime, but has since become a hub for all types of youngsters. Hipsters, fashionistas, the wealthy, the edgy, students, young bankers, young start-up entrepreneurs, artists, actors, designers – you’ll find them all here. It may not be a fancy place, but spend an afternoon exploring and you’ll uncover unique cafés to while away an afternoon of blogging. Or you find a bar-terrace to enjoy a beer with your mates in the (cold) sun. Shoreditch is home to big-brand names, little-brand names and up and coming designers, as well as trendy music festivals. What’s more, the area is a hub for London’s Bangladeshi community. This means you can’t leave East London with an authentic curry from Brick Lane. With something happening on every corner, be it a new art gallery or club opening.Sure you will  find something to love in Shoreditch.



CAMDEN TOWN – North West London

Much like Shoreditch, Camden is also home to an array of different people, but in a different way. Whilst Shoreditch is young and contemporary, walking through Camden you get the feeling that is hasn’t changed much for a good 20 years. On Camden High Street, in amongst the colourful townhouses so typical of this area, you have your fair share of markets. Where onsale ‘keep calm…’ t-shirts, or punk shops full of black leather and lace. Camden market is an extraordinary mix of punk, antique, international and artistic. Here stalls selling everything from clothes and accessories to food. The market is my favourite place about the area, as you never know what you’re going to find. It could be anything and everything. After exploring the market, grab a bite to eat from one of the stalls and sit by the canal (weather permitting). And if you have time, take a scenic stroll along the canals down to Regents Park.



NOTTING HILL – West London

We’re all familiar with Notting Hill, the blue door, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. But the area has much more to offer than the scenes from a great film. Home to Portobello market, Notting Hill is lively and quaint, with beautiful townhouses and little alleys full of flowers. Portobello Market is in theory an antique market. But if you look a little closer and you’re likely to find some sunglasses you saw in Topshop last season. That being said, it is the world’s largest antique market and it does not fail to impress. Accessories, mirrors, frames and general bric-a-brac, Portobello is the perfect place to spend an afternoon meandering from one stall to another whilst admiring the beautiful variety of colours of the houses. If you’re visiting London in August, be sure to make it to the Notting Hill Carnival, which has become one of the largest street festivals in the world.



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    interesting analysis, in particular that of Shoreditch,
    congratulations, continutate with other districts, even in other cities

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    Interessantissimo artículo! Complimenti…Londra è fantástica!

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    Justin Kramm

    I love the article, thanks for sharing! I can’t wait until my next trip to London.

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